We get it!


You’re rushed off your feet with the tasks you need to do to keep your business running (and that’s to say NOTHING of the stuff you have to do for home or the family), but you now need to up-level your branding and you wish it would all just get DONE!



With an intensive investigative and easy to follow process to find your ‘why’ and ‘who.’


We have the tools to give your business a complete face-lift and give it a more contemporary and modern look and feel. As The Luxe Co. Team we’re two individuals with a passion for design, the aesthetic and communication. We love working together with our clients, the process of drilling down to a business’ core message and designing a solution that communicates all of this and attracts their ideal tribe.



in any shape or colour makes us happy!

We truly believe in the transformative power of design and it’s ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere. We believe that good design and good relationships come from collaboration at every level.

We’re excited to start a visual dialogue with you and help take your business from ‘meh’ to outstanding.

• You’re not just after a pretty logo. You’re looking for unique considered branding that has its foundations firmly planted in strategy as well as great design.

• You have an existing brand but it’s just not representing you in the way it once was.

• Your business has grown and you’re ready to show the world what you can do.

• You love a clean modern style, something that will stand the test of time and doesn’t conform to the latest trends on Etsy or Fiverr.

• You’re open to new ideas and are willing to take onboard our professional opinion.

About the team


I arrived in Australia (a few years ago now) and got my first job at Dolly magazine as a freelancer when Tina was at the helm. I’m not sure that I knew then how pivotal that magazine was in the eyes of Aussie teenagers. It’s certainly a conversation starter at parties for me now! I definitely didn’t know that day that Tina would still be my partner in design 20 years later #lucky.

I was always creative, I loved making stuff. I used to make my brothers pretend to eat paper food in my pop up restaurant. I seriously made every pea. I coloured in so many detailed pattern pages that one day my Dad suggested I became a graphic designer. I think he was over looking at them!

I love magazines, books, renovations, family time and too many cushions. I’m an attention to detail kinda girl, if it stands still I’ll stick it in a box and label it. I’m also a people person so I love to meet new clients and seeing their thoughts and our ideas together come to life.

Nothing makes me happier than the reaction of a excited client when they see their branding evolve into something beautiful.

– Britta


My design adventures began as a child. Always dreaming of art directing fashion magazines, I found editing the school yearbooks was a great outlet to scratch that itch. From taking the photos and writing the copy to laying the whole books out year after year…. Unknowingly paving the way for my future. I’ve still got a photo album filled with the layouts I did at Cleo magazine when I was there for work experience as a teenager.

Now, more years on than I care to remember, I continue scratching that itch to create. Doing it alongside my lifelong pal and partner in design crime, Britta, is greater than any of those dreams I had as a kid. I’m grateful every day for being able to share the creative journey with our clients in building their empires.

Passing on the knowledge I’ve gained over so many years, building fulfilling relationships with like minded business owners and seeing them succeed with the help of my own hand is more than I could ever have hoped for.

– Tina

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