The lifestyle space is literally teeming with new entrepreneurs trying their luck at striking it rich with their big idea. Skincare brands, fashion brands, homewares brands, and that’s not even counting the service operators like hospitality, interior designers, coaches, pilates studios…

For business owners in such a crowded and competitive environment, it’s easy to get lost. Through shit-HOT design built on solid strategy, we give these eager-to-win business owners the tools they need to stand out, scale and succeed.

Meet Tina + Britta

Creating magnetic customer brand destinations is the culmination of each of our 20+ years’ combined experience across graphic design, art direction, magazines, advertising, retail, fashion, beauty, styling, visual merchandising and interiors.

Having worked with iconic brands such as Ikea, Telstra, L’Oreal, Target, Witchery, Reece, Toyota, Avon, Dolly, Home Beautiful, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, OCRF, Garnier and many, many more… we know how to help aspiring brands make small, considered efforts toward BIG RETURNING OUTCOMES

the luxe co. team tina britta

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