Best Startups of 2021


Four of the Best Startups of 2021

A feature on the best startups of 2021, is not an obvious option for an annual wrap-up post. After all, it would be so much easier to write off the year that was, as a wasteland of broken dreams. But ain’t nobody got time for that type of negativity at Team TLC!

There’s no denying that so many amazing businesses struggled to keep afloat. But. in the spirit of manifesting good vibes for 2022, we turned to Linkedin, Instagram, and our own Little Pink Book of predictions to spotlight the startups (defined as a company no older than 3-5 years, that uses an innovative/disruptive business model or technology) that made a breakthrough, and prove that the future for new brands is truly bright

The best hospitality start-up

Given so many of us spent most of the year online, LinkedIn’s annual list of Top Aussie Startups, unsurprisingly featured an abundance of digital-based brands. (FinTech, Computer Software, and Information and Technology services all came home strong.) 

However, there were also an unexpected number of hospitality start-ups who made their debut against the backdrop of a heavily challenged industry. 

Leading the way was Mr Yum. When the pandemic hit, and hospitality businesses were limited to takeaway, this company (founded in 2018) reacted quickly. In less than 10 days, the company built and launched pick-up and delivery functionality to its platform to support local businesses to trade through lockdown. 

Honorable mention: Me&u – An online platform that aimed to transform the hospitality industry by making it easier to order and pay at your table. With demand for cashless and contactless payments soaring amid the pandemic, me&u developed new features to ensure its hospitality partners could continue to grow. 

The best beauty startup 

Have a great idea but concerned a) someone’s beaten you to it and/or b) you won’t be able to stand out? Versed Skincare proved with a brilliant product and a strong story behind it, there’s always room for more. Like other clean skincare brands that precede it, Versed focuses on transparency and sustainability. However, the range, founded by Katherine Power (the brand behind the Who What Wear website) offers a USP that saw it stake a claim as “the first drugstore brand to offer clean skincare”. 

The best fashion startup 

One of the coolest fashion start-ups we spotted this year was Edit Collection – a retail collaboration between Afterpay, The Australian Fashion Council, and Vicinity Centres.

Launching on November 12 at Sydney’s Chatswood Chase shopping centre, the partnership showcased fashion, styled with a side of seriously cool futuristic trends.

Some of the trends that emerged from this shopping concept included: “physi-digital retail” (a fusion of physical and digital customer ventures); augmented reality – featuring Smart Shoppable Mirrors, and e-tale chips. 

The best TLC startup 

Over at The Luxe Co, we’ve been pretty lucky to work on some amazing projects ourselves.

One of our favourites from the last 12 months was Jinndi – an Indigenous-owned, Australian-designed children’s clothing brand. When we first met with Tina, Simon, and Whitney in April this year, we knew they had a pretty special product. But, they needed a little help to build a brand that took them from dreamers to doers.

We worked with them to formulate an enormous strategy that saw them: 

  • Provided with a strong creative direction; 
  • develop a brand name; 
  • analyse their competitors; 
  • find a brand tagline; 
  • receive a well-designed logo for multi-platform use;
  • *** (Give us a moment as we take a breath) *** 
  • produce their swing tags, thank you postcards, tissue paper and stickers
  • build a website; 
  • and supported in social media content creation and management.

Today, as we recap the best startups of 2021, we couldn’t help but celebrate Jinndi’s amazing achievements, which included a 640% increase in social media profile in less than two months (growing from zero to 640 Instagram followers from November to December) and a complete sell out of their debut collection two-weeks before expected.

If you’d like your brand in 2022 to achieve impressive results like these, jump aboard The Luxe Co. train! Hit this link to book a chat with us