Who wants to be more organised?

Who wants to spend less time managing customer orders, invoicing and communications? Do you feel like this aspect of your business is a massive time sucker? Find yourself having to hit the keyboard after the kids are in bed just to keep on top of this anti-fun stuff?

You might need a CMS system. We used to spend so much time on this stuff. We had multiple apps going, we were paying for a bunch of subscriptions to businesses that handled part (and only part) of the admin tasks we had to do. They didn’t talk to each other and they were messy. Keeping on top of it had us wondering if we needed to bring in a VA to look after it all. We knew that wasn’t the answer though. What we really needed was a studio manager. But then…… we found Dubsado. And OH. MY. GOD. How our business changed after we invited this platform into our lives is something to behold.

Never could we have imagined one system could do it all! It was like the sun piercing through the clouds after a heavy storm.

This baby has allowed us to create so much!

*Packages of our services,
*Forms that sit on our website,
*It handles all of our invoicing,
*Integrates with our finance system,
*All our contracts and client agreements sit on it,
*It has personalised portals for each client – all white labelled to our business,
*It has workflows to allow us to automate tasks,
*It automatically sends out payment reminders for overdue invoices,
*It lets us know if agreements are unsigned,
*Canned emails and auto response
*Client approvals,
*Custom quoting,
*Time keeping,
*We can run reports on the state of client accounts, revenue, expenses etc.
*We can assign tasks to team members,
*We can create custom payment schedules for individual clients if we need to,
*We have different standard payment schedules that are applied to invoices depending on the amount the invoice is for…

Most of all though

As a Design Agency, the platforms white labelling capabilities allow us to make all of our elements gorgeous and cohesive. Also, being at times a little bit “technology challenged”, we find it super easy to use. No clunkiness here. It’s easy to navigate, functional and pretty much perfect. The Dubsado team are super friendly and responsive too. In fact, while I’m here writing this I just thought of something I wanted to ask them (remember I’m in Australia and they’re in the US) and they answer my message instantly. If it’s something they aren’t doing they add it to their list of future updates to look into. I’m seriously in love with these guys.

This baby has changed our world. Now, at this point I’m keenly aware this might be sounding a lot like an ad for Dubsado, but it’s not. We only recommend to you what we would use ourselves, and we USE this…

A sweet deal for you…

Now, the reason I came to thinking I needed to let you guys know all of this is that it’s their birthday, and to celebrate they are offering a pretty decent discount to anyone signing up at the moment. Normally $35/month or $350/year for top notch business management – it’s now only $30/month or $300/year!!! On top of that discount though, you can add an additional 20% off the lower pricing by using our code – JUST CLICK HERE!.  Now that’s a sweet deal!