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Crowdfunding in Australia: Everything you need to know

A good idea without the cash to bring it to life is like giving Beyonce a middle name (FYI: It’s Giselle) … A missed opportunity that never quite realises its full potential.

And while “Queen Bey Gee” may never be a thing (sadness), the good news for cash-strapped aspiring entrepreneurs is that there are a number of ways to finance their business. 

Like crowd surfing, but with cash

Crowdfunding in Australia is growing in popularity. So it’d probably help to kick off proceedings with an explanation. By definition, crowdfunding is: The process of raising money for a project in small increments (i.e. from a crowd).

And in the same way that riding on the shoulders of strangers in a mosh pit leans on “people power”, crowdfunding is a way to finance your business through donations and loans, from hundreds or even thousands of “backers” instead of relying on a few big investors.

In return, you promise them something: early access to your product, some free goodies,  even shares in your business in exchange.

Key players in the Australian crowdfunding space 

While Kickstarter first popularised the concept in 2009, it’s stuck around, with a host of other companies crashing the crowdfunding party since. 

Closer to home, Equitise is one of Australia’s leading equity crowdfunding platforms. Some of the brands they have helped launch include: Bareseop, Brix Distillers, and Silvi. Similarly, Birchal was one of the first licensed equity crowdfunding platforms to allow everyday Australians to buy shares in private and unlisted public companies. 

If you like the sound of this crowdfunding thing, could we humbly recommend you start following @swarmer

In addition to cutting through the mumbo-jumbo jargon of financial talk (let’s be honest, when we found ourselves googling pre-IPO it became pretty clear that this investing thing was not our strength), we absolutely loved their take on crowdfunding. 

While other brands might leave crowdfunding brands to fend for themselves, Swarmer saw an opportunity for differentiation in terms of how they support the companies – and investors – post-raise. For example, through mentoring, ongoing advisory support, and transparent tracking of a company’s growth/success. 

So, when these amazing peeps reached out to us to chat about creating new branding,  we were only too happy to help.

When Swarmer met The Luxe Co 

Here’s what Swarmer wanted us to do: Help them create a kick-ass brand that communicated their trustworthiness and security. Made them feel both innovative and intelligent. Was simple yet savvy. And above all accessible. 

It was our time to shine people. Sure we don’t do numbers, but what we do, do is design. (And do it damn well if we say so ourselves.) 

We worked with the entire Swarmer team on a strategy that focused on how they were going to implement new branding across an existing site, but that was also viable enough to be able to launch the brand to market when they developed a new site in 2022.

Swarmer wanted a modern brand and the use of diverse contemporary imagery made sure they were attracting the right brands hoping to raise capital as well as savvy investors, looking to invest in the next up-an-coming company.

Did we succeed? Well, we think so! But watch this space for a big reveal coming up in the next couple of months, and find out for yourself …

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