How long does your process take?
Hmmm … How long is a Friday drinks sesh? While the length of time from start to finish will vary depending on the services you opt to add to your overall package, you will need to commit a minimum of five weeks to complete our branding strategy development and design process. But it’s so fun, it’ll fly – we promise!    

What will you need from me?
A thorough explanation of the meaning of life summarised in 300 words and accompanied by a Tik Tok video. Obviously, we kid. It’s a little easier than that. To start, click the Let’s Chat button on our homepage and book in a Zoom call (it’s absolutely free). We’ll lock in a time to catch up and talk about what you want and how we can help. Then, we’ll get back to you with a proposal outlining what we can bring to the table, and if you accept it, we’ll send you a Discovery form then get cracking on creating the most amazing brand strategy/ social media plan / e-commerce website/ packaging / etc you can imagine. 

Do you offer payment schedules?
We’re more flexible than your favourite yoga instructor and will definitely do what we can to help you budget better. For our branding packages, we require a 50% deposit, with the remainder due in two x 25% increments based on project milestones.

For recurring invoices (like monthly blogs, EDMS and social media content creation) we can set up automatic payment plans. 

Can you just design a logo?
Ok. So long story … shortish …  While we CAN technically just design a logo, we think this is like walking into a Brazilian steakhouse and ordering off the vegan menu…. Do-able… But everyone feels a little cheated. We’re not about serving you an itty bitty side, when you’ve come in for a main.

Instead, we want to give you something juicy to sink your teeth into so you leave us satisfied. That’s why we focus on creating a really comprehensive and holistic strategy that will go on to form the foundation of your brand. We’ll hold your hand and ask the big questions, little questions, and all the ones in between to help you understand where you currently stand, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there. Our Brand Strategy master document will be your bible for determining all of the key elements of your identity (i.e. you ideal customer, their problems and the solutions you offer), as well as your brand values, personality and so much more. We’ll also look at all the opportunities available for your brand out in the world, the key influencers and peeps you need to establish relationships with and how you can leverage existing business to your advantage. If you’d like a better breakdown or have any other questions, reach out. We’re definitely the chatting type.

Who will be designing my work? Who will I be communicating with?
We have a team of inhouse design gurus who have worked on some pretty ah-maz-ing projects in their time (Do the names, Ikea, Telstra, L’Oreal, Target, Witchery, Reece, Toyota, Avon, Dolly, Home Beautiful, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, OCRF, Garnier ring a bell?). You will meet them during your initial Brand Discovery Zoom, and they will be your contact throughout the entire process. We’ve never met a client who didn’t love our work, and we’re quietly confident that you will not be the exception.


What is your approach?
At the risk of sounding like a glitchy MP3 file and repeating ourselves (please refer to FAQ Can you just design a logo?), we treat our branding process like a long-distance marathon rather than a short sprint. We’re all about great storytelling and we love working with our clients to help them build a “StoryBrand” framework that gets their message straight. When you work with us, we’ll help you create something that communicates to potential customers exactly why you’re the real-deal, how you can transform their life and why you’re not just another product/service. Then we’ll use this information to create quality content touch points (websites, social media, business cards, packaging, and the list goes on…) to market your message in a way to make you a shiz tonne of money. 

What do I need to prepare?
Just the kind of passion, excitement and enthusiasm usually reserved for a stealthy Beyonce album drop. You can leave the rest with us. Okay, so we kind of answered this in our general FAQs, but we’re going to repeat it a little louder for the people out the back.

We’ll kick things off by setting you up with a Brand Discovery Form that will get you to dig  deeply and really develop a monster Brand Strategy Document that will form the foundation of almost every branding decision you make going forward. (We’re not exaggerating. It’s huge). From there you can pretty much rely on us to check in on a regular basis and hold your hand through all the bits that get scary as you make the transformation from idea to real-life opportunity 

Do you work with global or just local brands?
We are an equal opportunity employer in every sense of the word. Having built-a digital-communication business model (we were Zooming before it had its moment) we continue to accept offers of interest from Aussies, international friends, and any of the inhabitants of the eight planets of the solar system. 


What do I need to prepare?
It depends! We can start you off from very scratch, and help you develop your brand and product, get your domain, hosting and website design and copy sorted. Or you can come to us with a pre-built site that you need us to finesse!

Shopify Vs WordPress
New York v LA. Flat Whites v Short Blacks. Margaritas v Hawaiians. There’s no right answer.  (Well, except for the fact that pineapple absolutely does not belong on pizza). So, it really comes down to your business model and business goals. We work with both platforms, so book a call with us to discuss.

Do you use Squarespace or Wix?
Our expertise is in Shopify or WordPress, but if you have another platform in mind, we can work with your developer to provide UX and wireframe designs.

Can I have a shop?
Of course! In fact we specialise in ecommerce sites, so if you have something you want to sell, chat with us so we work out the best option to get customers adding to cart stat. 

Do I have to load all of my products?
We generally load up to five products, and then pass over the baton and teach you how to DIY. However, if you do need to outsource that job, we have packages to manage this too!

Is SEO included?
SEO is something you want to get right. We provide basic SEO for your homepage, and can give guidance for the rest of your pages, but we highly recommend engaging with a specialist for this – we can introduce you to our favourites.

Can you help me with my product photography
Definitely. If we’re in driving distance, we’re happy to attend your shoot, style is like it’s going out of … err …. style and capture all your snaps. Or we can help with the art direction if you’ve already hired a remote photographer. 

Can you help me with my copywriting?
Is the Pope Catholic? It’s a big loud yes. Our in-house copywriter gets all kinds of fuzzies when she finds out that she gets to chat with you, and use that info to create a seriously kick-ass “About Us” (as well as all the other pages!). 


Can you organise packaging?
We love packaging. Live for it. Would name our first grandchild Packagity if we could, so the short answer is yes. From branded boxes to environmentally friendly envelopes, we understand the power of packaging as the first point of content the public may have with your brand, and will do everything we can to make it pop. 

Do I find a supplier or do you?
A little from column A. A little from column B. We can either work with your suppliers, or help you find what you need with one of ours. 

Can I bring my existing branding to you?
Sure. But we have to warn you… Because we’re so damn passionate about “not just doing logos” we will have very strong opinions – and we’re not afraid to share them! – about whether your existing branding is doing you justice… 

Do you have eco-friendly options?
Green is the new black, so we always offer sustainable options where possible. From recyclable and reusable packaging to materials and manufacturing practices that don’t damage natural resources, we do our absolute best to minimise our impact on Mother Nature. 


Do you do the photos?
We have access to industry-libraries featuring approximately 38849732509323758 exclusive images, which we can research and curate to help you create the perfect feed. Plan B: We can also arrange a professional photoshoot to capture any additional images you require. 

Do you manage advertising?
We are your go-to for organic growth, but when it comes to paid posts, we really want you to get it right. That’s why we have preferred partners who we can recommend.  

Do you do community management?
We always believe that the most authentic communication comes from you. So no, we do not offer this as a service, but can guide you on how to best manage this yourself.

What platforms do you work with?
Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and old soapboxes if required.