When gold isn’t really gold….

Are you a pinterest user? Ever looked up logo inspiration? Even if you shop online, you’ve probably noticed a huge trend that’s been going on now for a while. It’s gold. Every Tom Dick and Murray is using gold in their logo and branding design. 

Gold is gorgeous. Gold is good. It’s a shortcut for customers to perceive your business as luxury, modern and desirable.

But gold can be a trap! It’s time someone did some educating around how gold can and should be used in branding! But, doing it right can get expensive. Here’s why:

Using gold online and in digital

Let’s face it, Loads of new businesses now exist only online. There’s no shopfront and often even no phone number (frustrating much?). It’s an inexpensive way to get a side hustle going without having to pour your life savings into -how can we say it? – a gamble.

Penny pinching though, is a dangerous mindset to launch a business with. It’s a smart philosophy to apply where you can, but if it’s your whole mojo it compromises the integrity of your brand. You need to stop it now! Read on for why… 


If gold is used online, it can only be represented visually in two ways:

1. You can find a shade of mustard (vomit) that “you-can-live-with” to give the feeling of gold. If you’re a real genius, you might be able to throw a gradient through your mustard tone to give the illusion of light reflecting on it. Let me tell you, this method reaks of CHEAP! It will impact on the positioning of your brand no doubt. And if you want it to be up there in the gorgeous trusted brands arena, it’s going to be crippling for your dream.

2. Now steady yourselves for the spilling of some heavily guarded secrets. The second way (a much better option) is to fill your logo or brand elements with an image of gold. Yup! It’s as easy as that. This is visual trickery at it’s best! (You can thank us later). It shows your brand as you actually want it to be perceived – gold. BUT, you have to remember this only works online!

We’ve prepared a little visual to show you the diff….


Using gold on printed collateral

So then, if you do decide you want gold in your branding, then marry it. You have to commit to the gold. Make sure your commitment is strong and you have the budget to see that it is used correctly on all of your printed collateral. The above methods of gold representation should never be applied on any printed assets for your brand.

As mentioned above, gold pulls your brand into the luxury category – but it won’t do that effectively unless when it is printed you use GOLD FOIL. In fact, it could do more harm than good if you know what I mean… You could easily send up looking as fake as Martha from #MAFS if you try to cheat the system.

Now foiling can get pricey. We get it. And not everyone has the budget to afford gold foil on all their printed assets. But if you’ve committed to gold in your palette, you won’t be doing your branding any favours by trying to get around this spend. Your brand will come across as cheap! Either leave it off your printed assets altogether or use the foil!!!

As always, if you have don’t have a print supplier you trust, The Luxe Co. can provide printing quotes for you at trade pricing, so if you need help let us know by emailing us at hello@theluxeco.com.au and we’d be happy to source prcing for you – with or without the foil….