Why product packaging for branding is so important. Plus four trends to try in 2022.


2022’s top trends in product packaging for branding

It’s 2022. The Superbowl has just presented its most epic half-time show in history. ScoMo is showing off his ukulele playing skills. And packaging has moved from being just a passive, practical thing that holds your products to one of the key touchpoints to help create an emotional connection between a brand and a customer. It differentiates you from your competitors, informs your tribe, and helps your marketing. 

Not to humblebrag (well, maybe just a little). But it’s something we’ve always known at The Luxe Co. In fact, we were onto the importance of creating swing tags, canisters, branded sleeves, and eco-friendly boxes to offer our clients the complete product packaging for branding experience from time immemorial. Or more accurately the almost 10 years we’ve been in the branding business. 

But, just like the evolution of our personal fashion choices from the sequinned butterfly tops and bootleg jeans of 1992, we’re always on the lookout for the hottest/newest/latest. And how we can translate that into solutions for our clients. Therefore, without further ado, here are our predictions for the best product packaging for branding trends in 2022. 

The single hottest product packaging for branding trend

Green is the new black! From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, sustainability is having a moment. And this eco-awareness has extended to the packing industry. With single-use plastic going down the same path as aforementioned denim, a range of environmentally friendly alternatives have emerged. These include biodegradable, sustainable, and non-polluting (or least polluting) materials like recycled paper and compostable cardboard. 

Little touches that make a big difference 

If you don’t have the means to invest in the whole kit and caboodle, then customised stickers, tapes, and stamps are an easy opportunity to give an ordinary cardboard box an instant facelift.

We also love the idea of including a personalised postcard with your packaging. A little thank you note – like the ones we helped create for our client FOR skincare – will give your customer the warm and fuzzies AND remind them of you, making it a #winwin for all. 

Pandemic-approved product packaging for branding 

While we can not wait to see the death of compulsory face masks and enforced isolation, we kind of liked the rise of the QR code phenom during covid. Not specifically when used for location check-ins (that bit sucked) but we loved seeing brands use that fuzzy black and white square to deliver a digital experience – even if distanced from a physical location.

Today, some of the ways your brand packaging can continue to use this technology to engage your customers and leverage your online presence, include redirection to fun YouTube videos, or links to exclusive deals and discount codes. 

Packaging as merchandising

When it comes to creating powerful product packaging, the best brands have it in the bag … or should that be on it? We’re huge fans of the trend of using branded merchandise as both a package AND promotional tool for your business. One of the most effective ways to do it, for example, is with a chic, customised, canvas tote. As well as showing off your serious eco-cred, products such as this – which blur the line between packaging and merchandising – provide an amazing opportunity for customers to become walking ambassadors for a business, every single time they pull out their reusable bag.

Kopy is Kween 

Clever copy is important because 1) it keeps the person writing this blog employed, and 2) it offers an opportunity to communicate and carve out your brand. And while social media and brochures may be the obvious offenders when it comes to taking your message to market, your packaging is also a powerful platform. 

Combining your words with pretty product packaging (like canvas bags with your tagline on them) is an easy and effective way to catch – or keep – a customer’s attention. 

As a bonus, boxes with a cool punchline have been known to perform 128962452%* better in Instagram unboxing videos. 

*Statistic may or may not actually be factually accurate, but the sentiment stays. Product packaging for branding is a pretty big deal.