New Year’s resolutions for your business


Six of the best New Year’s resolutions for your business

We may not be able to help you lose weight (we’re still working out how to resist our weekly Gelato Messina fix), or travel more, but we absolutely can get behind you if you chose one – or all of – these New Year’s resolutions for your business.  

New Year’s resolutions for your business #1: Develop a brand strategy 

If there’s one thing we could talk about with our head underwater, it’s the importance of developing a kick-ass brand strategy. 

What does this actually look like though? We’re glad you asked. Whether it’s your first rodeo, or you need to check yourself into #brandrehab, a strong strategy is the basis for creating a successful brand, so you can probably guess why it’s important to nail it. 

A good one (Ahem, like ours), will give you clarity on: 

  • Your ideal customer
  • Their problems and how you will solve them
  • How you’ll build trust
  • Your brand values
  • Your brand personality
  • Your competition
  • Your purpose
  • Your vision
  • Your mission
  • Opportunities to grow and scale
  • Communicating your brand values in your marketing
  • Creative direction (interiors, photography, packaging, social media etc.)
  • Business growth
  • Social media opportunities
  • Your brand identity (including your vibe;  logo(s) and icon; colour palette; typography; elements and/or patterns; imagery and social media icons)
  • Brand management

Make marketing magic

Sure, Adrianna Grande is good. But how great is a collaboration with Lady Gaga? A powerful marketing plan is exactly the same – a perfect complement to complete your branding strategy.

If a strong branding strategy is your “why” (why you exist, why you are different, why people should choose you), then your marketing strategy is your “how” (how do you make progress, how do you get results).

And boy oh boy are there a heap of channels to get your how heard. Whether it’s a website, social media, email sequence or even the printed package your product comes in, committing to a plan that connects your brand to potential customers is one of the best New Year’s resolutions for your business you can make this year.

Create content and connections with your community 

The rules of social distancing do not apply to brand development. In fact, actively engaging with audiences on social media is essential to getting your business seen, building your brand, and developing a loyal following. This year, make a commitment to strategically use social media platforms to promote your brand and incorporate more significant ways of engaging with your audiences online. 

Be prepared to pivot

Okay. So you’ve probably had it up to here (*holds hand over head*) with unexpected changes of plans but it is important to continue to research and refine what is or isn’t working your business. 

Listen to that podcast, enroll in a digital course, subscribe to a most excellent newsletter (may we humbly recommend ours?), and keep abreast of the always emerging innovative ways to connect with customers, and opportunities to learn and engage with your audiences. 

Resolve to relax

Setting New Year’s resolutions for your business is as important, but it should never come at the cost of your own physical and emotional wellbeing. Now we’re not saying there won’t be challenges (the hustle is real), but it’s equally important to invest in the brains behind the brand (ie yourself!)

Whether it’s in the form of improving your delegation skills, or dedicating an hour every Friday night to an uninterrupted Netflix binge it’s vital that you fuel yourself during the journey, because trust us when we say it’s just as important as the destination. 

Schedule a silent disco party … 

No seriously… or maybe a Zombie Escape, or Pinot & Picasso night? Team building exercises are a key component in creating a culture where staff works together effectively, productively, and successfully. Even if you’re the only one in the office!