Holy moly – did somebody say SPRING!?…

Ummmm, what happened to August? Anyone? Has anyone SEEN August? It was right there in my diary… but all I can find is September. It’s like we’ve dived into some kind of black hole time warp thingy… Everything is moving super-fast, ideas are jumping into our heads like bandits clambering onto a freight train and our to-do list is getting so long it’s like a Donald Ducks Christmas List with letters falling off the bottom of the page as the roll of paper cascades over the edge of the desk….

My suspicions tell me it has something to do with planet Luxe spinning a little bit faster ever since we took that trip up to Byron Bay a few weeks ago to visit Owners Collective HQ…. It’s been next level. If you’re following along on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen us banging on about this journey and how we’re growing our little biz.

Possibly the most valuable lesson we’ve learned so far on the journey is “How To Get Shit Done”. It’s not really one of the modules, just a gem that the lovely Pru Chapman has hammered home on more than one occasion. We’re not only rising to her challenge, we’re sharing it. With YOU!

So here it is…. STOP WORKING.

Honestly! That’s it! Well, don’t stop completely… that’s not productive. But stop working with your head down and your cute toosh in the air all day every day getting all the things done… Just stop.

For one day each week, turn off your email, grab your laptop, and check out of the office. Don’t get any fantastical ideas about the beach here though, you’re still going to be working. Just ON your business. Not IN it for a change. Know the difference? Because that’s the game changer here – you can’t grow if you don’t know. Working IN your business is when you’re just there doing the stuff – dealing with the emails, doing the jobs, chatting to the clients and never having a chance to come up for air before the next wave hits…. Working ON your business is when you tend to all the OTHER stuff… Your marketing plans, your financials, your filing, your social media posts… maybe even your blog (LOL yup, it’s that day here).

It’s amazing the clarity and focus that comes from casting all the other crap aside for just one day!

I’m not going to lie to you though. It’s super hard for me to turn my back on my emails. And for a whole day… seriously? What if my dream project lands in my inbox and I don’t see it and respond immediately!!!!!!?????? Baby steps. We’ve decided to allow a short break in the middle of the day (only 10 minutes though – and Britta DOES have a timer on me I’m sure…) to check up and make sure there are no dream jobs or fires to put out. Then it’s back to ON the biz stuff.

This is our second dedicated monday to all things “back end” and I have to report, the results are truly amazing. We have been achieving more business development on these days that we probably have in…. hmmm, lets’ not even think about how long it is since we tended our back end… (Stop it – I mean the business.) Monday is our day of choice because the nature of our work keeps us busier at the end of the week than the beginning, so choose a day that suits your work flow and groove.

I know what you’re thinking. “How on earth am I going to sacrifice a whole day? I’m way too busy for that!” Give it a go. I bet you’ll find you’re more focused on the “work” when you don’t have the guilt of not doing all the other things hanging over your head. It’ll be summer before you know it and this is an awesome opportunity to start something and track the change…. And your business will grow too.

Soooo, want to play? Go on! It can be daunting but if you aren’t sure where to even begin (overwhelm anyone?) then you might find this little peach a handy thing to guide you along. It’s a simple checklist of things you might need to dive into to get your processes and systems into line.

Of course, if you need more hand-holding than that, we’re always happy to jump onto a Zoom call to chat through some of the things that are plaguing you in your business. We’re solutions oriented kinda gals and have helped lots of our clients with many things outside the branding box. It all goes hand in hand when you think about it – your branding is how you’re perceived by your audience so the experience they have with your business has to be SEAMLESS to reinforce what an amazing find you are… If you think you might need a bit of a chat feel free to hit us up for a consult call here.

And let us know how it works for you. Don’t be scared. You’re going to be great!