New Brands

Let’s be honest, you’ve been dreaming up the way you’ll make a splash in your market for a while now. All kinds of ideas have been floating around that incredible entrepreneurial brain of yours… but when it comes to ROI and creating a brand that sells, there’s no room for guesswork.

With our comprehensive brand plan, we’ll eliminate the risk and help you invest in only what’s necessary to get your better-than-imagined brand identity proudly turning heads.

new brands startups graphic design studio
new brands startups graphic design studio
new brands startups graphic design studio

Our packages give you clarity on:


– Your ideal customer
– Their problems and how you will solve them
– How you’ll build trust
– Your brand values
– Your brand personality
– Your competition
– Your purpose
– Your vision
– Your mission


– Opportunities to grow and scale
– Communicating your brand values in your marketing
– Creative direction (interiors, photography, packaging, Instagram etc.)
– Business growth
– Social media opportunities


– Your brand vibe
– Your logo(s) and icon
– Your colour palette
– Your brand typography
– Your brand elements and/or patterns
– Your imagery
– Your social media icons


– Launching your brand
– Website design
– Packaging
– Lead Generation
– Printed Collateral
– Social media content
– Photography and styling

Summed up, what you'll get ...

– Two creative directors holding your hand each step of the way

– Guidance on identifying what your market’s missing, how you will step in to solve their problems and why you’re the long-lost best friend they’ve been waiting for.

– A complete brand persona – we’ll make sure the way you communicate – both through design and word – is strategically geared to attract the right people, long-term through each phase of your business growth ahead.

– All creative eyes on your brand in our brand strategy session (get both creative directors and our copywriting guru all in the one room).

– And finally, a chance to sit back and relax while the professionals help you complete a look that gives you the confidence to step out, start big and unashamedly become the centre of attention wherever you turn up online or in-store.

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