It’s no secret, you’ve worked incredibly hard on your business and you believe in it! But something tells you your product or service isn’t getting the trust and respect it deserves.

Whether you inherited a previous owner’s design, originally tried to keep costs low or just never really nailed the look and feel you were going for… outgrowing your brand is a great place to be – but making sure you get it right this time means ensuring that no part of the process is overlooked.

rebranding graphic design studio
rebranding graphic design studio
rebranding graphic design studio

Our packages give you clarity on:


– Your ideal customer
– Their problems and how you will solve them
– How you’ll build trust
– Your brand values
– Your brand personality
– Your competition
– Your purpose
– Your vision
– Your mission


– Opportunities to grow and scale
– Communicating your brand values in your marketing
– Creative direction (interiors, photography, packaging, Instagram etc.)
– Business growth
– Social media opportunities


– Your brand vibe
– Your logo(s) and icon
– Your colour palette
– Your brand typography
– Your brand elements and/or patterns
– Your imagery
– Your social media icons


– Launching your brand
– Website design
– Packaging
– Lead Generation
– Printed Collateral
– Social media content
– Photography and styling

Summed up, what you'll get ...

– Two creative directors holding your hand each step of the way.

– Guidance on identifying who’s buying, who isn’t, what’s stopping you from reaching your goals and how to fix it. It’s about tapping into your brand’s unique superpowers with a strikingly good-looking visual presence and clearly-defined positioning

– A complete brand persona – we’ll make sure the way you communicate – both through design and word – is strategically geared to attract the right people, long-term through each phase of your business growth ahead.

– All creative eyes on your brand in our brand strategy session (get both creative directors and our copywriting guru all in the one room).

– Peace, satisfaction and time to finally start working in the business (the reason you went into this in the first place) rather than having to worry about working on it.

– Oh, and did we mention unstoppable confidence to now think bigger, play harder and start dreaming up your next steps?

Kindness and kudos ...