1 Start your day the right way


Here at Luxe, we’re mummas just like the majority of you fine ladies. What that means is we face similar time constraints and responsibilities. Our day starts with organising kids. Lunches, homework, drop offs and a regular amount of arguing amongst siblings. Once the family duties are out of the way it’s all about our business. We try to spend 15-20 minutes at the start of your day creating a prioritised list of tasks that need to be completed for the day. This not only get’s our time in order, it also helps get our heads in the game. Inevitably, without this moment to contemplate the day, we tend to head towards reactive chaos town. This, we all know that is NOT a productive way to work. 

To make things easier, we’ve created a FREE PRINTABLE Daily Task Checklist for you to download and use… Grab yours here…


2 Block out the noise


When we say “noise” we basically mean your phone… My phone is the biggest waster of my time by a country mile. In fact, I wasn’t actually aware of how much time I lose to my phone until the latest iPhone update came into my life. Screen Time now reports to me how many hours of screen time I’ve been doing! Holy moly! That thing has been like a full time job over my holiday break… Getting this under control is my biggest goal for the new year. Putting it on silent and leaving it in another room is a good start. Of course you’ll need to check it from time to time to make sure the school isn’t trying to call you to let you know your child has been expelled, but keep the checking to a controlled minimum.


3 Batching


No, we don’t mean “who’s going to get a rose tonight?” kind of Batching. We’re talking about getting stuff done and saving time! It’s a lot like when I make a pot of Bolognese sauce for dinner – instead of making it for the nights meal, I’ll cook up 5 kilos of mince and freeze in takeaway containers for days I spend all my motivation on my work…

Same applies here. Set aside time each week to work on the repetitive jobs you might have less love for than others. Social Media Content is way up there at the top of the list for batching, as is invoicing, client check-ins and creating wonderful resources for you lot of lovelies to use in your businesses… Make a list and do a bunch at once so you don’t need to revisit the task as often and you free up some brain space for more enjoyable jobs.


4 Get out there!


It’s always a difficult thing to put yourself out there with strangers. Pretty much everyone feels the same way. Even if you can be the life of the party with a group of friends, playing the part of the confident, outgoing entrepreneur at an event packed with a crowd of people you don’t know from Adam can be a slightly more than daunting proposition. But… don’t you crave a bit of human interaction on a social basis? If you’re anything like me, chatting to Chloe the office dog isn’t quite as rewarding as a light conversation with a like-minded business babe over a glass of proseco. Not only that, not coming up for air once in a while and sticking your head out from behind your screen can be detrimental to your lead generation. 

If you’re only ready for baby steps to start with, try having a prowl around on Facebook to see if there are any women’s business groups you can join that are relevant to your area of business. There are literally tonnes of these groups for female entrepreneurs and they can offer great support. Look for ones offering advice on subjects relevant to your needs…eg, shipping, tax etc. 

We find these groups so valuable for ourselves that we decided to create our own safe space for lovely biz ladies to seek advice, hang out and get awesome freebies from time to time. It’s called The Luxe Alliance. Hop on over and join us!


5 Keep it clean


A tidy desk is a tidy mind said my mother ALL THE TIME… As an adult I have to admit she was onto something. At the end of each day give yourself 5 minutes to put all the papers strewn across your desk into their files. Put all the pens in the pen jar, take the dirty cups to dirty cup town and give the place a mini spruce up. It’s actually a stress prohibitor to be able to sit down at a clean space each morning instead of feeling like you’re being launched straight into the chaos of where you left off yesterday..


And don’t stop there, while you’re at it spread the love to your devices as well! Shut down out of all the open apps from the day too! Your devices will work faster and it will minimise the distraction factor when you do your checkins…

Stay tuned for more tips to get the most out of YOU this year….